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7 Best Slide-in Gas Ranges 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

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The professional gas ranges are ideal in terms of high-end cooking. Even they come with many more advanced features and well-pleasing aesthetics making them a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. So after reviewing the best Freestanding Gas Ranges, we are here with our picks of best Slide-in Gas Ranges and their reviews.

Slide-in gas ranges are designed to fit flush to your cabinetry and thus gives a seamless look to your kitchen. Unlike the freestanding gas ranges, it doesn’t include a backguard, except comes with the burner and oven control on the front. Even, it slides back against the wall for a built-in look, therefore an ideal choice for those with tight kitchen spaces.

What makes them best is their high power burner cooktops, self-cleaning oven, even baking on all racks and the convenience of a warming drawer, and much more. So, isn’t it a versatile appliance?

Well, we have a lot more things to discuss on. Dig deeper by heading to our detailed Buying Guide to know more thoroughly about Slide-in Gas Ranges. In case, you prefer to watch video, we recommend to check this video to know some important deciding factors while choosing a gas range.

Now, have a quick look at our shortlisted models of slide-in gas ranges that will surely narrow down your choice.

Top 7 Best Slide-in Gas Ranges

PreviewBest Slide-in Gas RangesSize / No. of BurnersOven CapacityBuying Link
Cosmo GRP304 Slide-in Gas RangeCosmo GRP304 Freestanding/Slide-in Gas Range
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30-inch / 43.9 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Frigidaire Gallery Series Gas RangeFrigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF Slide-In Gas Range
Read Review
30-inch / 44.5 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Empava Slide-in Gas RangeEmpava Slide-In Freestanding Gas Range
Read Review
36-inch / 53.9 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
LG LSG4513ST Slide-in Gas RangeLG LSG4513ST Gas Slide-In Range
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30-inch / 56.3 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Samssung NX58K9850SS Slide-in Gas RangeSamsung Appliance NX58K9850SS Slide-in Gas Range
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30-inch / 55.8 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon

Best Slide-in Gas Range Reviews

1. Cosmo GRP304 30 in. Freestanding/Slide-in Gas Range [Overall Best Pick]

Cosmo GRP304 Slide-in Gas Range

The top on our list is this slide-in gas range from Cosmo with stunning features and outstanding performance. The range is designed with industrial-grade and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, giving it a flawless finish and ensures the durability of it. You will also find the heavy-duty metal knobs and stainless steel door handle that complements the appliance perfectly.

Bring your cooking to the next level with this range as the cooktop includes four high-quality sealed burners. These burners give you the flexibility to cook from a high heat boiling, frying, or searing to a low simmer.

There is a single oven included, with the capacity of 3.2 cu.ft. providing enough space to cook and bake more in one go. The oven also features a Rapid Convection Technology with powerful dual fans that circulate air in the oven cavity for even and uniform cooking. Moreover, the four oven functions, including Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, and Convection Broil, give you more flexibility in cooking.

One of the best features you will definitely like is its removable backsplash, so you will be able to install it both as a freestanding or slide-in style; the one matches you best.

At such an affordable price range, this slide-in range offers unmatched quality and amazing performance proving to be a great add-on to transform your kitchen.

Key Features

  • 30-inch slide-in gas range
  • Industrial grade and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction gives it a contemporary look and increases its durability.
  • Fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish ensure easy cleaning of the appliance.
  • The cooktop includes four sealed burners of variable heat outputs, including 18,000 BTU, 12,500 BTU, 10,000 BTU, and 4,500 BTU, serving different cooking needs.
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron grates provide an even cooking surface with better heat retention.
  • Single convection oven with 3.9 cu.ft. capacity.
  • Four different oven functions for Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, and Convection Broil.
  • The oven has dual fans assisted with a circular heating element that provides even heating for perfect cooking and baking.
  • Safety features include: Overheat protection, a cool touch oven handle, and an oven cavity ventilation system for safe heat dissipation.
  • Two oven lights provide clear visibility inside.
  • A large oven glass window offers the clear view of what you are cooking inside.
  • Removable backsplash allows you to use it either as freestanding style or slide-in style as per your preferences.
  • Easy natural gas usage, but you can also buy an optional liquid propane conversion kit to use it accordingly.
  • It comes with two years of labor and parts warranty for trouble-free performance.
  • Sturdy build
  • Looks very stylish
  • Fits in smaller spaces very well
  • Finely machined slide-in racks are very nice
  • Removable burners ensure easy and more thorough cleaning
  • Very easy to use functions
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF 30″ Slide-In Gas Range [Budget Pick]

Frigidaire Gallery Series Gas Range

When it comes to quality home appliances, the brand Frigidaire always comes first for its superior products and services. The model so brings the same-means style, convenience, and exceptional performance.

This is again a 30-inch best slide-in gas range that upgrades the look of your kitchen with its stunning stainless steel finish and sleek design.

Having a powerful cooktop with four burners of different heat outputs ensures a smooth and easy cooking experience. There are continuous grates also that ensure easy sliding of the heavy pots and pans from one burner to another, so you don’t need to lift the heavy cookware. Thus, it avoids the risk of spilling hot liquids on your skin.

Talking about the oven, it comes with a pretty good 4.2 cu.ft. capacity with three oven racks and five rack guides. The oven racks are adjustable too, so you can customize them according to your cooking, baking, and roasting needs.

No need to worry about uneven and half cooking, as the oven combines a True Convection system. It distributes uniform heat inside the cavity and thus ensures uniform and even cooking.

Even more, the one-touch programmable cooking options make cooking easy and convenient at the touch of a button. Moreover, with all the smart features and intuitive controls, this smart appliance offers all the power and flexibility you want for perfect cooking.

Key Features

  • Smudge-proof stainless steel construction looks nice and easy to clean
  • Four burners of different heat outputs (17,000 BTU, 15000 BTU, 9500 BTU, 5000 BTU)
  • Endless cast-iron grates for easy sliding of the pots and cookware without lifting them
  • Manual and easy to read controls
  • 4.2 cu.ft oven capacity
  • Three adjustable oven racks allow you to customize it according to your needs
  • Oven features automatic convection conversion, quick preheat, keep warm, oven lockout, and temperature probe
  • Quick self-clean cycle to clean the burnt-on spills and splatters in your oven only in 2 hours
  • One-touch keep warm setting
  • Easy to use smart one-touch control
  • Auto-shut off ensuring safety
  • Storage Drawer at the bottom for easy storing of essential stuffs
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Nice sleek look
  • Outstanding performance
  • The quick preheat and quick boil is great
  • Even heat on burners and inside the oven for perfect cooking
  • The self-clean function is a nice feature
  • Fan is loud
  • Customer service is not satisfactory

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3. Empava 36″ Slide-In Freestanding Single Oven Gas Range

Empava Slide-in Gas Range

Occupying the fifth spot on our list, this range from Empava comes with all the hi-tech features you need in a pro-style gas range. This mid-ranged gas range with a smart professional look makes you feel that you are running your own restaurant. Plus, the flawless performance at such an incredibly affordable price point should definitely make this range a worth deal.

The model offers you the flexibility to use it both as a freestanding range, or slide-in range-the choice is up to you!

Now, let’s start with the cooktop, which includes stainless steel construction and five sealed burners of variable BTUs, ensuring versatility in cooking. You will find a high- intensity 18000-BTU burner, a 11000-BTU burner, two 8000-BTU burners, and a 5000-BTU burner that all distribute even heat for simmer, boil, stir-frying, steaming, melting, or even caramelizing.

This slide-in gas range also includes a single oven with the capacity of 3.9 cu.ft., two removable oven racks for easy cleaning, and 4 adjustable rack positions to accommodate a variety of food items.

Another striking feature is the powerful convection that ensures even airflow inside the oven for uniform cooking and baking.

The smart touch controls and metal knobs are easy to operate. As well as according to buyers, the Empava Gas Range is designed very well, and its outstanding functions are incredibly useful for avid home chefs.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel overall construction
  • Cooktop includes four different versatile burner size
  • Built-in digital display
  • Timer and temperature settings allow you to cook perfectly and accurately
  • Single oven with 3.9 cu.ft. capacity
  • Two removable racks with four adjustable position options allow to cook small and big items accordingly
  • Powerful convection for even heat distribution inside the oven that allows to cook perfectly
  • 2 Years Manufacturing warranty
  • Good range with reasonable price
  • Solid build
  • Easy to use functions
  • Easy to clean
  • The unit generates extremely high heat and very precise control
  • Real-time, continuous temperature readout is very nice
  • No such

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4. LG LSG4513ST 30″ Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range

LG LSG4513ST Slide-in Gas Range

Next up on our list of best slide-in gas ranges is the model LSG4513ST from LG. Add a wow factor to your kitchen interiors by installing this pro-style 30-inch range and enjoy an amazing cooking experience.

The stainless steel cooktop includes an UltraHeat 18,500 BTU burner, a 5,000 BTU simmer burner, two mid-powered burners, and an oval-shaped 10,000 BTU center burner. You will also find a griddle for the oval burner. Controlling the burners is super easy, with the five-burner control knobs present at the front-tilted control. An additional sixth knob is for operating the oven.

The appliance combines a single but powerful oven with 6.3 cu.ft. capacity to cook a variety of dishes. The three adjustable oven racks also allow you the flexibility to cook items of variable heights and sizes.

The model also features LG’s Easy Clean Technology, so cleaning the oven is not a hassle, as the feature can clean it only in ten minutes.

Overall, this LG slide-in gas range is one of the best options for baking and stovetop cooking. Thus, making it the best choice for those who love cooking in a professional style.

Key Features

  • Sleek built-in look for a streamlined appearance
  • Five burners, including an oval-shaped center burner with griddle
  • Huge 6.3 cu.ft. oven capacity to handle any size meal
  • Three adjustable oven racks ensure multi-rack cooking
  • Easy Clean Technology for cleaning the oven and racks in just 10 minutes
  • Various cooking modes
  • Front tilt control knobs and glass touch controls
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 12 hours
  • Sturdy construction makes it very durable
  • Great in terms of appearance and performance both
  • The ultra heat burner offers extra power for cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Oven performance does not match the expectation

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5. Samsung NX58K9850SS 30″ Slide-in Gas Range

Samssung NX58K9850SS Slide-in Gas Range

Last but not least, this slide-in gas range from Samsung is again a top-rated model with top-notch features. Its sleek and minimalist design is surely an eye-catching factor and complements your kitchen decor perfectly.

This one is a perfect choice for those who want to cook two different items separately at the same time. Thanks to its double oven configuration with the capacity of 3.4 cubic feet in the upper zone and 2.3 cubic feet in the lower.
The convection system of the oven features two convection fans that ensure faster and better cooking results for both the ovens. You will also find a dehydration function, letting you make your favorite dried food or jerky.

Talking about the cooktop, it comes with five sealed burners of different heat outputs, offering a lot more cooking versatility.

Evenmore, the standard features like gliding roll-out racks, a hidden bake element, bottom storage drawer, control locks, delay bake and self-clean, makes it an outstanding purchase at such a price point.

Key Features

  • Flexible dual oven with a total capacity of 5.8 cu.ft.
  • Five sealed burners at the cooktop 5000 – 22000 BTUs to meet all your cooking needs
  • Dual convection feature ensures perfect cooking, baking, and roasting
  • Smart and intuitive controls
  • Dehydration feature to make dried foods
  • Wi-fi connectivity to control the oven functions using smart devices
  • Appealing design
  • The dual oven is very convenient to prepare multiple dishes at the same time
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Burners power are great
  • The top oven is not so flexible

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6. GE PGS960BELTS Slide-in Gas Range [Runner Up]

GE PGS960BELTS Slide In Gas Range

This slide-in gas range from GE grabs the top second position on our list and comes with all the bells and whistles you expect from a hi-tech range. It looks fully professional and also works the same way to deliver outstanding performance.

The cooktop of this range combines five versatile and high-quality burners that are perfect for searing, frying, and sauteing. Plus, the large continuous cooking surface allows easy placement of pots and pans of almost all sizes with proper balancing. It also makes it easy to slide-down the cookware from burner to burner.

The best is its double convection oven configuration with the total capacity of 6.7cu.ft. pretty enough to cook more and more meals at a time. Even more, the heavy-duty adjustable oven racks and self-cleaning function adds more convenience to cooking and cleaning.

You don’t need to worry about the thorough cooking of your food inside the oven; the internal temperature probe takes complete care of it. So, you will get the perfect tenderness in meats and other roasted items.

You will surely love its Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows you to wirelessly control the oven functions using your smartphone. Plus, the one-year limited warranty on the appliance makes it absolutely the best deal.

Key Features

  • Five high-quality burners with different powers for a variety of tasks
  • Extra-Large Integrated Reversible Cast Iron Grill offers extra room for pots and pans
  • Double oven with the total capacity of 6.7 cu.ft.
  • Self-clean with Steam clean option allows easy cleaning of the oven
  • Front control knobs for easy operation and a clear LCD display
  • One-touch button controls
  • Heavy-duty adjustable oven racks
  • Temperature probe allows easy monitoring of roasts and meats whether they are thoroughly cooked or not
  • Wi-fi connectivity to control the oven functions from your smartphone
  • 1 Year Warranty on the appliance
  • Looks very stylish in appealing black color to complement your kitchen
  • Different burners with different heat output offer more versatility in cooking
  • The oven heats up very quickly and maintains the temperature very well
  • Great performance
  • Value for money
  • The area under the grates are hard to clean

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7. Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Gas Double Oven With Convection Range

Cafe Slide-in Gas Range

If you are searching for a double oven range with smart features and superb performance, this one from Cafe is the best deal out there. Though the price is high, for truly a professional-grade experience, it can be a great addition to your smart kitchen.

The model is only one in the list we have provided, that comes with six versatile burners. So, large meals don’t matter, all you can cook with ease and convenience. Plus, the integrated griddles are designed for more convenience and can easily handle pots and pans of different sizes.

The appliance also combines two independent ovens with a total capacity of 7 cu.ft., means preparing a large amount of meal is not a big deal. Moreover, the True Convection feature allows precise air in the lower oven, so all your dishes come perfectly cooked.

The front control dial knobs allow easy accessibility to control the oven and cooktop. And the sleek backlit glass touch control panel visually disappears when not in use and wakes up when prompted. Thankfully, these combinations again add a graceful touch to your kitchen interiors.

Don’t want to deal with the manual controls? Say thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the full control of your oven using your smartphone or other devices. Plus, the voice control assistant makes it more interesting.

Key Features

  • Edge to Edge Cooktop with six versatile burners
  • Double oven configuration allows you to make different foods at different temperatures at the same time
  • Total oven capacity of 7.0 cu.ft.
  • Temperature probe ensures perfect cooking of meat at a precise temperature
  • Self clan cycles for easy cleaning of drips and spills inside the oven
  • Wi-Fi connect to easily control your oven using smart device or simply by your voice
  • Automatic Oven Timer
  • Auto oven shut off
  • All the high-end features present
  • Contemporary design matches any kitchen decor
  • Offers perfectness in cooking and baking without any hassle
  • Large cooktop and oven ensures to cook more and more in one go
  • Easy to use and clean the appliance
  • Expensive

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How to choose the Best Slide-in Gas Range?

Types of Slide-in Gas Range

Slide-in gas ranges come in two different versions: A true Slide-in range and Front Control Slide-in Range

1. True Slide-in Range

These are the traditional versions of slide-in gas ranges, and only a few models are available now.
The true slide-gas range needs installation between two cabinets with the edges of the cooktop overlapping your kitchen countertop. So, giving it a seamless built-in look.

This design actually prevents the food and spills from falling into the gaps between the stove and cabinet that is really hard to reach. Thus, this makes cleaning of it a piece of cake. Only the downside is that the edges you find unfinished.

2. Front-Control Slide-in Range

These are very popular nowadays for their artistic design. Though these look similar to freestanding ranges, except the front-control design makes them very easy and convenient to use. Here, you will find a solid backsplash visual making them very ideal for users with a range located in an island. Also, it comes with finished sides as a positive point.

Pros and Cons of Slide-in Ranges

  • Very cleaner and sleeker look
  • You can willingly customize them with cabinetry to achieve a more cohesive kitchen
  • Most slide-in models come with a bottom drawer at the base to store additional cookware
  • The front-control or cooktop surface knobs make them easier to control without having to reach over a hot surface
  • The overhanging sides of these ranges keep food and liquids from spilling into gaps between the cooktop and counter, thus making kitchen clean-up very easy
  • You can’t install a slide-in range without cabinets on both sides

Slide-in Gas Range Vs. Freestanding Gas Range

Well, in terms of outer appearance, both look almost very similar, in fact, with various matching cooking features. Now, what makes them different? The below table will let you understand it clearly.

Slide-in RangeFreestanding Range
InstallationIt slides into the cabinetry with the cooking surface rests on the countertopThese ranges stands on its own
DesignIt doesn't have finished sidesThese have finished sides
ControlsThe display controls are located at the front of the range or cooktop surface. his makes somehow uneasy for many owners to reach over a hot surface for controlling the cooktopIt comes with a backguard for oven and burner controls. Thus, these are easier to control without having to reach over a hot surface.
CleaningThe cooktop surface of these ranges slightly overlaps the surrounding cabinetry, making cleaning far more easierSince freestanding ranges stand completely on their own, there is a small gap between the cooktop surface and the adjacent cabinet. It offers a space where food and liquids can fall—thereby making cleaning a bit more difficult over the slide-in gas ranges.

What to Look for Before Buying a Slide-in Gas Range?

1. Number of Burners and Continuous Grates

To perform a lot of cooking tasks on the cooktop, more than two-burner options will no doubt be the best choice. Thankfully, the best slide-in gas ranges come with five burner options; some even hold six also. These are actually of different sizes with different heat outputs, serving your variable needs at a time.

For smaller pans and pots, small burners will serve the purpose. On the other side, large burners can easily accommodate oversized frying pans and stockpots, etc.

The best is that these ranges also come equipped with continuous grates (made of steel or cast iron), offering you great benefits at the same time. This makes you easily slide the cookware around the cooktop surface without even lifting them. It also assists in keeping the larger cookware in a balancing position.

2. Burners Cooking Power

Not always the High BTU burner is helpful, but a low powered simmer burner is also useful. The best slide-in ranges must come with one or two power burners of at least 17,000 to 20,000 BTU in the front row. It will heat up faster and saves your precious time in cooking.

For low power simmering, it must also have one or two simmer burners of 5000 BTU in the back row. It will give you the best results in warming, melting, and simmering.

As a bonus, almost every slide-in gas range model comes with a fifth burner, which is usually in an oval shape. And it is ideal one for griddling.

3. Size of the Range

Before choosing the size of a slide-in gas range, first, assess whether it fits perfectly in the predetermined space of your kitchen or not. Make sure the model you choose fits perfectly to the dimension of your installation area. Also, ensure that the top edges of the range must overlap the top of the countertop. And the most important thing is the depth. To get a perfect built-in look, make sure that your slide-in range must be perfectly leveled with the cabinet.

4. Oven Capacity

Well, this feature actually plays a very important role that decides how much you cook in one go. Most of the slide-in ranges are larger than 4.8 cu.ft providing enough space for cooking and baking in large amounts. Even it can easily hold a large 16-inch pizza, a whole turkey, and a lot more bigger items.

The other feature you will find inside the oven is the sliding racks- two or three, including one rolling rack. So you can easily glide in and out of the dishes the way you want.

5. Oven Features

Is convection cooking mode important for you? It is wise to choose a model that works well with convection mode. The mode actually turns on a fan in the back of the oven cavity. So that you can bake your favorite cookies and cakes, roast meats and veggies, etc. very perfectly.

Some models even also include an electric heating element near the fan that makes the convection cooking more wonderful and delivers the best results.

Do you want the slide-in range with a single oven or double oven? Well, it totally depends upon your cooking capacity or how frequently you cook in which amount.

Is the oven features a self-cleaning option? Actually, this feature is worth considering it as it removes all the hassles of manual cleaning and makes cleaning of the oven really a breeze.

6. Design that is perfect for you

  • Metallic knobs look artistic and are easy to dial
  • Oven doors that open and shuts smoothly
  • Racks and drawers with easy and smooth sliding feature
  • Sturdy and easy to use control panel
  • Glass touch screen for a more sophisticated look

7. Reliability and Customer Service

Sticking to the branded models is always worth it, as you don’t need to worry about the quality and performance. Well, the branded slide-in ranges assure high-quality material design that lasts longer. Even though they also provide a good service and warranty on their product, so if any malfunction occurs, they would replace it or mend it without having any extra cost.

8. Other Smart Features (What else you need?)

  • Flexible controls so that you can deal with it better
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for easy diagnosis of the malfunction in your range. Some hi-tech ones also follow the voice command for easier control.
  • Built-in cooking programs to remove the guesswork in cooking and get the best results
  • Special Indicators to dealing with it in a better way
  • Extra cooking modes like delayed start, proofing mode, or scan to cook modes, etc. are very useful
  • Extra set of accessories like wok grates, temperature probe, tongs, etc. will add more convenience

Final Thought

No doubt, a best slide-in gas range enhances your kitchen appeal, plus gives you a commercial-grade cooking experience from the comfort of home. No matter which one you choose, with these gas ranges, you will get the futuristic design, extra-smart features, and, more importantly- the reliability.

Choosing the best model for your needs fully depends upon your budget, kitchen space, and cooking preferences, the models we have mentioned will surely be the best buy for you. We have covered everything from Overall Best to Budget Pick. Go for the one and make your cooking experience much more pleasurable and amazing.