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10 Best Professional Gas Ranges Review 2021 | Top Free Standing Gas Ranges

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The stylo kitchen with stylish appliances is the dream of every woman. A Professional Gas Range or Pro-style Range is such a beautiful addition to your dream kitchen, complementing your kitchen decor very well.

But why Professional Gas Range? Simple! Gone are the days when the pro-style gas ranges were only found in commercial kitchens. They are now available in various attractive variants for your home kitchen too. These are even more versatile over the normal gas stoves and also look very stylish.

What is a Professional Gas Range?

It is actually a combination of oven and cooktop appliance in the same. So, you don’t need to have the oven and gas stove top separately. These ranges allow you to fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braise, simmer, warm, and even bake, thus are your perfect kitchen mate.

Get in-depth details on it, over to our Buying Guide, to know better how to choose the best professional gas ranges for your home.

List of Best Professional Gas Ranges

We have categorized our picks of best professional gas ranges based on their size. Have a quick look at the below list to choose the best-suited size option for your kitchen.

PreviewBest Professional Gas RangesSize / No. Of BurnersOven CapacityBuying Link
Frigidaire FGGH3047VFFrigidaire FGGH3047VF Gallery Series Gas Range
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30-inch / 5 Burners5.6 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
LG LDG4313BDLG LDG4313BD Stainless Steel Series Gas Freestanding Range
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30-inch / 5 BurnersDual Oven 6.9 cu.ft. (4.3cu.ft. + 2.6 cu.ft.)Buy on Amazon
GE JGBS30REKSSGE JGBS30REKSS Freestanding Gas Range
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30-inch / 4 Burners4.8 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Cosmo GRP366Cosmo GRP366 36 in. Freestanding Gas Range
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36-inch / 6 Burners4.5 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Cosmo COS-F965NFCosmo COS-F965NF Dual Fuel Range
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36-inch / 5 Burners3.8 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Verona VPFSGE365DSS Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DSS 36 inch Dual Fuel Range
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36-inch / 5 burnersDual Oven 3.9 cu.ft. (2.4 cu.ft. + 1.5 cu.ft.)Buy on Amazon
Thor Kitchen Pro-Style LRG4801UThor Kitchen Pro-Style LRG4801U Gas Range
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48-inch / 6 BurnersDual Oven 6.7 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
NXR SC4811NXR SC4811 Pro-Style Natural Gas Range
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48-inch / 6 Burners7.2 cu.ft.Buy on Amazon
Magic Chef MCSRG24SMagic Chef Freestanding MCSRG24S Gas Range
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24-inch / 4 Burners2.7 cu. ft.Buy on Amazon
Avanti GR2416CSSAvanti GR2416CSS Gas Range
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24-inch / 4 Burners2.6 cu.ftBuy on Amazon

Top 10 Best Professional Gas Range Reviews

I. Best 30-inch Gas Range

1. Frigidaire FGGH3047VF 30″ Gallery Series Gas Range

Frigidaire FGGH3047VF 30 Inch Gas Range

Well, out of all, this 30-inch freestanding professional gas range from Frigidaire stands above. The model boasts about performance, style, and durability all in a single appliance. Even this one is a high-end professional range with so many astonishing features.

The cooktop of this model comes with five flexible burners providing different heat outputs for a variety of meal preparation. There is a power burner of 18,000 BTU for faster boiling, a simmer burner of 5000 BTU for delicate foods and sauces.

An oval burner of 10,000 BTU is great for all your griddle needs. As a bonus, you will also get a griddle pan with the appliance to make various relishing dishes like pancakes and quesadillas,etc. As a convenience factor, all the gas burners are removable for easy cleaning of the mess, spills, or drips.

The burners are accompanied with high-quality and continuous corner-to-corner grates, making it very easy to move heavy cookware without even lifting them. Plus, they can also easily accommodate pots and pans of different sizes.

The very exciting is its convection oven with a very spacious inner cavity of 5.6 cu.ft. that is pretty good enough for average to medium cooking. Plus, the true convection fan, along with a third heating element, ensures even and perfect cooking and baking of the food items.

One thing that makes it more interesting over other models is the unique air fry function in the oven. It lets you get the healthier version of your favorite meals in a matter of minutes.

Cleaning inside the oven is super easy as a fast steam cleaning option is available. The smooth exteriors are also easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.

So, if cooking and baking is your passion, this solid range provides you best results in terms of performance. Also, with a clean, built-in look, it can add an extra grace of appeal to your kitchen interiors. Believe me, with this range; you will never regret your purchase at all.

Key Features

  • 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range
  • 5 Sealed Burners ensures easy cleaning of drips and spills and have different heat outputs
  • Continuous cooking grates for easy sliding of heavy cookware from burner to burner
  • The smudge-proof stainless steel body looks amazing and easy to clean
  • Comes with a griddle pan
  • 5.6 cu.ft oven capacity to cook a large amount of meal
  • Convection with a third heating element ensures even cooking and baking
  • Air fry function to get the healthier version of food
  • Fast steam cleaning function to remove odor and smell from the oven interior
  • One year limited warranty on parts and labor
  • Looks stylish and elegant
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Air fry function is a nice add-on
  • Cooks and bakes evenly
  • Great in terms of performance
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. LG LDG4313BD 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

LG LDG4313BD 30 Inch Gas Range

When thinking of high-end ranges, you can’t skip the brand LG. So, the model LDG4313BD from LG is our another best-listed product if you are searching for a 30-inch gas range. This one is unique in every aspect and comes with a ton of wonderful features.

The very best thing is its stylish and elegant black color finish that adds a brilliant appeal to any modern kitchen.
The model combines a porcelain cooktop and porcelain dual oven, providing you maximum flexibility to cook a variety of delectable meals.

When it comes to the cooktop, it combines five high-grade sealed burners accompanied with cast-iron grates, and each burner serves different purposes. With different BTUs, all these burners are ideal from low heat simmering to high-temperature (18,500 BTU) cooking requirements. The oval-shaped burner in the center delivers 10,000 BTUs, letting you make quick snacks and breakfast in no time.

The unique two oven configuration with the overall inner capacity of 6.9 cu.ft. is excellent enough for cooking multiple meals at a time. Its upper oven can accommodate smaller dishes with modest amounts of food that take a shorter cooking time. On the other hand, the lower oven can house bigger dishes and cooks a large amount of meals very shortly.

There comes three total racks, two for the lower oven and one for the upper oven. And with the LG ProBake Convection, all the racks get even and uniform heat for perfect baking. One new thing you will find in this gas range is that the heating element comes at the back wall instead of the bottom of the oven. It ensures optimal heat distribution for perfect cooking.

You can easily control the cooktop via front-dial control knobs. And the oven functions can be controlled via VFD display, located at the back top of the appliance.

Now, the most important part is cleaning, which is really a breeze for this appliance. Featuring Easy clean function, you can get the spotless finish inside the oven in just ten minutes. Moreover, the exterior requires a simple wipe down to remove any dirt or stains.

Key Features

  • 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range
  • 5 sealed burners with different heat output for different cooking needs
  • The power burner of 18,500 BTU
  • Dual oven with the overall inner capacity of 4.3 cu.ft. (2.6 upper and 4.3 lower)
  • Fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish
  • Probake convection in both the oven for even cooking
  • LG Easy Clean for spotless cleaning inside the oven in ten minutes only
  • Front-tilt knobs to control cooktop
  • VFD display at the back for controlling oven functions
  • Looks very stylish and appealing
  • The capacity of the oven is good enough for preparing a large amount of meal at a time
  • Five burners with different cooking powers serve the cooking of different meals at different temperatures
  • Very easy to clean, both interior and exterior
  • Improved self-clean feature for the oven is very nice
  • Touch-screen back control panel is a great feature
  • A bit expensive, but for the features, the price is fully worth it
  • Lacks the storage drawer

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3. GE JGBS30REKSS 30″ Freestanding Gas Range

GE JGBSREKSS Freestanding Gas Range

GE Appliances are always the most favorable choices for us because of their exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology. So, transform your kitchen with this stylish and affordable gas range from GE that is our top pick.

It is actually an entry-level range that has only a few features, but to start-up at a pocket-friendly price tag, this gas range is the most ideal buy. This 30-inch freestanding gas range comes with all the extraordinary features that you need in a pro-style range.

The model JGBS30REKSS, in its stainless steel construction, looks very premium and stylish. Plus, the elegant black color makes it more eye-catching.

Talking about the cooktop, it is integrated with four sealed burners and black gloss steel grates that makes cleaning super easy. Only a quick wipe-down is required. Plus, the square-shaped grates hold all types of cookware very securely.

There comes a 13000 BTU burner that delivers a wide range of heat output suiting for various cooking needs. So, you can cook with perfection by getting just the right amount of heat. A simmer burner is also there to handle delicate food items without worrying about the burn.

Now, when it comes to the oven, it is a single oven model, with a 4.8 cu.ft. capacity that is pretty big enough to tackle large amounts of meal in one go. There are two racks in the oven that you can configure in six different positions to achieve a variety of baking needs.

What is more exciting is its large and clear window that ensures better visibility for what you are cooking inside. No need to open it again and again, and hence with a steady oven temperature, you will get the perfect cooking results.

Operating the whole appliance is also super easy as the analog knobs on the control panel are easy to operate in just one touch. Overall, with a good performance, stylish appearance, and affordable price tag, it is a good option for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Key Features

  • 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range
  • 4.8 cu.ft.oven to cook a large amount of food at a time
  • Black gloss square-shaped steel grates hold any pan and pots easily
  • Four Sealed Cooktop Burners for no mess and easy cleaning
  • 13000 BTU burner for a wide range of heat output
  • Precise Simmer Burner for delicate food items
  • Large and clear window makes checking food easy
  • Two oven rack with six different configuration options
  • One year Warranty
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Very simple operation, even best for the novice too
  • Great in terms of performance
  • Safe to use
  • There are no lights to indicate that the appliance is on
  • No clock or signal for preheating

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II. Best 36-inch Gas Range

1. Cosmo GRP366 36-inch Freestanding Gas Range

Cosmo GRP366 36 Inch Gas Range

Now, in the category of 36-inch gas range, the model GRP366 from Cosmo is undoubtedly the best deal. It combines efficiency, precision, convenience, and a lot more other features to showcase your culinary cooking skills.

The cooktop includes 6 sealed Italian made burners of different cooking powers, including 1 burner of 18,000 BTU, 2 burners of 12,500 BTU, 2 burners of 10,000 BTU, and 1 of 4,500 BTU. These all burners suit different cooking needs, from low simmering to high range cooking, depending on your requirement.

Furthermore, a large 4.5 cu.ft. oven capacity lets you bake a whole lot of food in one batch. The oven combines powerful dual fans that circulate fast air for perfectly cooked meals every time.

All mechanical metal nickel finished knob controls require a push-and-turn action to produce flame and are designed in such a way to prevent the stove igniting on accident.

The exterior of the appliance includes an industrial, corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel construction that not only looks great but also easy to clean and maintain.

One of the best features of this professional gas range is its removable backsplash. It offers the full versatility of using it as a slide-in or freestanding range.

With this model of the gas range, you can either choose from LPG gas or natural gas, depending upon your convenience and preferences. However, to enjoy this flexibility, you will have to purchase the conversion kit separately.

Key Features

  • Professional gas range with corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel construction
  • Black porcelain gas cooktop
  • 6 sealed burners with different heat outputs
  • 4.5 cu.ft. oven for cooking a lot of food in one go
  • Oven cavity cooling ventilation system for safe heat dissipation
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool touch oven handle to prevent burns
  • Large oven window with two interior lights for clear visibility inside
  • Removable backsplash to use it as a freestanding range or slide-in range as per your convenience
  • Can be used with both natural gas or propane gas; you need a conversion kit
  • Two years limited warranty on parts and labor
  • Quality and performance both are good
  • Rapid conversion feature for fast cooking in the oven
  • Professional gas range features at such a budget-friendly price tag
  • Looks appealing
  • Very easy to use controls
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. Cosmo COS-F965NF 36″ Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo COSF965NF 36 Inch Gas Range

Again comes a best model of professional gas range in the size of 36 inch from Cosmo. This is a dual fuel range, which means gas burners for superior control, and an electric oven for even baking.

The model is fully equipped with elegance, style, precision, and convenience and delivers great cooking and baking results. You will surely love its durability as it includes overall a heavy-duty construction. Moreover, its seamless design matches perfectly with your kitchen interiors.

There comes five sealed burners with different heat outputs for high-performance cooking. The different cooking powers include 1 burner of 18,000 BTU, 2 burners of 7,000 BTU, 1 burner of 8,500 BTU, and 1 burner of 5,000 BTU. So, you can cook with versatility, depending upon your requirements.

Its Turbo European convention distributes the temperature uniformly inside the oven and allows you to prepare food faster and evenly. Moreover, there are two adjustable racks provided, with five shelf positions, so you can adjust them accordingly, depending on what you are preparing. A large see-thru glass door with interior oven lights provide clear visibility to what you are cooking in the oven.

Furthermore, you will also find a convenient storage drawer underneath the oven that provides valuable space for storing cookware and other important stuff.

Thanks to the removable backsplash, allowing you to install it either as a freestanding range or slide-in range-what suits you best. As a bonus, you can convert this pro-style range from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane with the Cosmo LP Conversion Kit that you need to purchase separately.

Key Features

  • 36 inch Dual Fuel Range
  • Corrosion-resistant heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Five High-performance burners with different heat outputs
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gates for heat resistant and distribution
  • Turbo true convection electric oven for even cooking in less time
  • 3.8 cu.ft. electric oven with 8 functions including Traditional Bake, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, High Broil, Low Broil, Pizza, Defrost, Light
  • Removable backsplash to install it either as a freestanding or slide-in range
  • Easy to use either with natural gas or propane gas
  • Ergonomic knob control
  • Programmable timer for precise cooking
  • Storage drawer for more functionality
  • 2 Years limited warranty
  • Nice design and finish
  • Heavy-duty construction makes the appliance very durable
  • See-thru oven door for clear visibility inside
  • The European convection mechanism allows better oven output
  • The LP conversion kit is not included with the package

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3. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DSS 36 inch Dual Fuel Range

Verona Prestige Series Dual Fuel Range

Looking for a gas range to enjoy professional cooking in style, the Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DSS is there for you. With its outstanding performance and ease of use, it will surely be a great addition to enhance your cooking experience. The model delivers perfect cooking results with no hassle at all.

The design includes 304-grade stainless steel construction that is highly resistant to corrosion and durable for many years.

It is again a dual fuel range in our list that gives you the flexibility of gas burners and electric oven for more functionality and perfect cooking results.

Featuring five gas sealed burners of high performance and different BTU levels, it offers fast and convenient cooking of various meals.

This pro-style range combines two ovens with one larger (2.4 cu.ft.) than the other (1.5 cu.ft.), so you can choose whichever best suits your needs. The best is that both these ovens use two turbo convection fans that are very efficient and require much less power to run.

There are heavy-duty racks for the oven with various adjustable positions to accommodate different dishes and meals. Also, it comes with an infrared broiler for thorough cooking of your food. As a convenience feature, a bell timer notifies you that the pre-set cooking temperature has reached and so you can enjoy your delicious treat.

Some more amazing features of this professional gas range are chrome knobs, soft oven door with stainless steel handles, flame failure device, electronic ignition feature, and cast-iron grates for all your safety and convenience.

Key Features

  • 36-inch dual fuel range
  • Stainless steel construction looks flawless and makes it durable
  • Five varied burners with varied BTU levels
  • Continuous Cast iron grates
  • Chrome Knobs
  • Dual oven with two turbo-electric convection fans
  • Heavy-duty racks to accommodate various sized dishes
  • Stainless Steel Rounded Oven Handles
  • Digital clock and timer
  • Manual cleaning mode for hassle-free cleaning
  • Electronic ignition
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • Adjustable legs for stability
  • 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty
  • Nice design and finish
  • Turbo convection and infrared broiler provide better efficiency
  • Bell timer is a nice feature
  • The LP kit is included in the package
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Price is high

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III. Best 48-inch Gas Range

1. Thor Kitchen Pro-Style LRG4801U 48 inch Gas Range

Thor Kitchen LRG4801U 48 Inch Professional Gas Range

Thor Kitchen is another big name that serves its customers with outstanding professional kitchen appliances. You will find looks, style, and functionality all in their appliances. So, our next best pick is this professional gas range by Thor having the size of 48 inches.

This large gas range provides you more and more features and options, along with amazing cooking capabilities.
The cooktop of this gas range comprises six sealed burners, including two burners of 18000 BTU, two burners of 12000 BTU, and two burners of 9000 BTU. So, you can easily start with a rapid boil to a true simmer, whatever you want.

There are also heavy-duty cast-iron grates that allow you to slide out the hot pots or cookware from one burner to another without lifting. The griddles are also removable with the bonus of reversible features. It means you can use the griddles from both sides, either a smooth or ridged surface, to prepare a variety of grilled foods.

There are dual ovens beneath the cooktop with a total capacity of 6.8 cu.ft. So you will never run out of space for cooking items in bulk. Moreover, the large interior allows enough space to accommodate a big roast or multiple casserole dishes.

The oven window is very large and vivid, giving you a clear look of what you are cooking inside. Plus, two halogen lights in the main oven and one in the side oven ensure more clarity and visibility. There also comes a storage drawer at the bottom for your convenience.

Ease of operation is one of the most important aspects before buying a professional gas range. And in this aspect, this gas range is totally worth it. Featuring high-quality metal knobs, it is very easy to control the flames and oven temperature for perfect cooking.

Coming to the cleaning feature, the whole appliance with its shiny stainless steel finish is easy to wipe down for perfect cleaning without any hassle. Moreover, with its one-year warranty and excellent customer service, you will never get disappointed with your purchase.

Key Features

  • 48-inch professional gas range
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Cooktop with 6 sealed burners including two burners of 18000 BTU, two burners of 12000 BTU, and two burners of 9000 BTU
  • Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates
  • Dual Ovens of total 6.8 cu. ft. capacity (4.6 cu.ft + 2.2 cu.ft )
  • Two halogen lights in the main oven and one halogen light in the side oven
  • Commercial convection fan for even heat distribution inside the oven
  • High-quality metal knobs for flame and oven temperature control
  • Storage drawer at the bottom
  • Porcelain drip pan for easy cleaning
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • The quality of the range is outstanding
  • Works great for all your cooking needs
  • Dual oven and six sealed burners, so you can cook too much per batch
  • Very easy to use and durable
  • Best customer service
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. NXR SC4811 48″ 7.2 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range

NXR SC4811 Professional Gas Range

The NXR SC4822 is again a smart range packed with a lot of awesome features that make your cooking a delightful experience. Exclusive design and all stainless steel construction give it a pure professional look. Thus, it looks like a charm in your kitchen.

It is a 48-inch gas range that comes with six sealed burners, each for serving ultimate versatility. The two single stack burners including high power burner of 18000 BTU to boil water quickly, and low power of 6,000 BTU to simmer delicate sauces and more. There also comes a broiler burner of 10,000 BTU and an oven burner of 22,000 BTU.

The dual oven is another exciting feature of this freestanding gas range. Featuring the total oven capacity of 7.2 cu.ft., it offers a very spacious interior, so you can cook more and more without worrying about lack of space. Moreover, the convection fan mechanism allows the circulation of air in such a way that promotes even cooking.

Like other models we have mentioned, it also comes with an extra-large oven window for better visibility inside. Plus, two halogen lights ensure more clarity in keeping an eye on what you are cooking inside. So, no need to open the window again and again to check your recipe. And thus, the temperature inside the oven remains steady for perfect cooking at all.

Easy to use control knobs, smooth finish for easy cleaning of both interior and exterior, as well as two years warranty on the appliance makes it a worth purchase overall.

Key Features

  • 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range
  • Versatile cooktop with six sealed burners of different output
  • Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates
  • Easy to clean black porcelain drip pan
  • Dial temperature knobs for both cooktop and oven
  • Dual oven with a total capacity of 7.2 cu.ft.
  • Convection fan for even cooking inside the oven
  • Adjustable heavy-duty legs for stability
  • Extra-large oven window for clear visibility inside
  • 2 Years warranty on service and parts
  • Very large capacity of the oven to cook in bulk
  • Six burners are also sufficient enough to cook a variety of meals at different temperatures
  • Very easy to clean both interior and exterior
  • The quality of the product is outstanding
  • Works perfectly well both the oven and the cooktop
  • No downsides noted yet

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IV. Best 24-inch Gas Range

1. Magic Chef Freestanding MCSRG24S 24″ Gas Range

Magic Chef Freestanding Gas Range

For anyone with tight kitchen spaces, this Magic Chef 24-inch freestanding gas range is the best piece to buy. It not only offers a contemporary look to your kitchen but also makes your cooking easier with its smart functions.

The model features sleek stainless steel and mirrored glass look that appeals to its style. You can use it both with the natural gas or LPG, and comes with a conversion kit that easily adjusts according to your needs.

The cooktop of this range features four sealed burners that is pretty good enough for average usage. The cooking power of these burners includes 6900 BTU for Back Left and Right Burner, 17400 BTU for Front Left Burner, and 5000 BTU for Front Right Burner. Thus, you can easily choose the burners depending upon your cooking requirements. Plus, these burners easily accommodate cookware of different sizes.

Even there are cast-iron grates for easy sliding of pots and pans from burner to burner without lifting them.
Now talking about the oven part, it comes with a 2.7 cu.ft. capacity oven that is again a great deal for average usage. There are several programmable convection oven modes that ensure even heat distribution for perfect cooking.

Two adjustable racks coming with it are usable for a variety of cooking needs. There is also a digital clock and timer that perfectly cooks food in the right amount of time.

For clear visibility inside the oven, it comes with an interior oven light. Even more, the large and clear window ensures easy viewing of the food items you are cooking inside.

The model is very easy to use by means of the turn dial controls and letting you easily control the flames and oven functions with it.

Key Features

  • 24-inch Freestanding gas range
  • 4 sealed burners with different heat output from 5000 BTU to 17000 BTU
  • Cast iron grates for easy transferring of cookware from burner to burner
  • 2.7 cu. ft. oven capacity provides enough space for cooking
  • Two adjustable oven racks
  • Easy to use with either natural or propane gas
  • Turn knob controls for controlling flames and oven functions
  • Includes LP conversion kit
  • Interior oven light for easy viewing inside
  • Large and clear glass window
  • Storage drawer
  • Anti-tilt bracket and adjustable legs keep the appliance level
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Sealed burners ensure easy cleaning of spills and drips
  • Gas burners with a good selection of different BTUs
  • Very easy to use
  • No downsides noted yet

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2. Avanti GR2416CSS 24″ Gas Range

Avanti GR2416CSS Gas Range

Having a super sleek design and top-notch performance, the Avanti freestanding 24-inch gas range is a great buy for a small kitchen. With all its amazing features, it is the best-valued product for all it offers.

This affordable gas range is featured with convection cooking in the oven, removable griddle compatibility, and 4 sealed gas burners. The gas burners come with different heat outputs to cater to a variety of cooking needs.

The 2.6 cu.ft. oven capacity is good enough to accommodate large quantities of meals in one go. You can easily control the oven functions and burner flames using the easy dial control knobs. Moreover, automatic electric ignition, large oven window, interior oven light, timer, waist-high broiler, leveling legs, backsplash, and storage drawer are some of its great features.

You will surely like its smooth stainless steel finish that not only looks good but also very easy to clean the spills and splashes with an easy wipe down. Overall with good customer support, the product is surely worth the deal.

Key Features

  • 24-inch freestanding gas range
  • 4 sealed burners and heavy grates
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • 2.6 cu. ft. oven capacity
  • Bake/Broil Oven for maximum versatility
  • See-thru oven glass door
  • Oven cavity light with on/off switch
  • Waist-high broiler
  • 60-minute timer
  • Two oven racks
  • Storage drawer
  • Nice design with stainless steel finish that offers an upgraded look
  • A good range for a limited space option
  • Excellent for the price and quality
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • The storage drawer is an excellent place to keep the included broiler pan, or any other thing
  • No downsides noted yet

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How to Choose the Best Professional Gas Range

Choosing a pro-style range for residential usage requires a lot more considerations. We came up with this ultimate buying guide mentioning each and every factor, that are important to know before choosing a professional gas range. Keep reading to dig deeper.

Different Types of Professional Ranges

1. Electric Ranges

Like the name, these pro-style ranges work on electricity power. Having a flat and smooth cooktop surface in these ranges, you are able to cook your food more evenly. The electric ranges are also more accurate in controlling the temperatures in the oven. These are further come in three models, including

I. Coil Top Models

These models have exposed heating elements, where you can easily place the cookware over them. These are very reasonable in price and comes with many more smart features like:

  • Smart color option of black and white
  • Porcelain-enameled cooktop finish
  • Dial and knobs for burner and oven control
  • Digital display for heating temperature and cooking time
  • Single storage drawer
  • Large oven window

II. Smooth top Models

The smooth top models are even better than the coil top models and are great in terms of performance and style. These ranges include a solid disk or radiant heating element under the glass cooktop for easy cleaning. The smart features of these models include:

  • Standard electric oven
  • Digital display
  • Preset cooking options
  • Indicator light to let you know that the heating element is on
  • Hidden heating element for easy oven cleaning
  • Warming drawers to keep the food warm
  • Some advanced models also include a fifth stovetop heating element

III. Induction top models

These are the easiest and faster versions of electric ranges. Rather than generating heat, these models use magnetic technologies to turn compatible cookware into a heat source. Moreover, they include the convection oven that speeds up the cooking process by means of a fan to circulate and increase heat transfer. But these are typically more expensive over the former two versions. Smart features of induction top ranges include:

  • Control Lock
  • No knobs and dials, instead touchscreen for easy control
  • Hidden baking elements for easy cleaning
  • Warming drawers

2. Gas Ranges

Those who prefer cooking on gas tops and have a natural gas line in their homes, gas ranges are the best option. The open flame structure of the gas ranges ensures even heating on both the cooktop and in the oven. Few models of pro-style gas ranges also include fan convection heating.
The gas ranges offer direct heat, so cooking is more faster over the electric ranges. Plus, it also saves a huge on your electricity bills.

3. Dual-Fuel Ranges

The dual fuel range combines the features of both the gas cooktop and electric oven. So, you can enjoy the benefits of both the gas and electric ranges in a single appliance. It simply means a gas stove with an electric oven.

Different Models of Professional Gas Ranges on the Basis of Price

The professional gas ranges are available in four models that you can choose accordingly:

1. Standard Models

For those who are searching for the budget models of gas ranges, the standard versions are an excellent choice. The price of these starts from $399 and comes with many more advanced features.

  • Porcelain-enameled cooktop
  • Burners with an average 9500 BTU
  • Storage drawers
  • Cast-iron grate over the burners
  • Knobs and dials for burner and oven control
  • Burners don’t burn as hot like the expensive ranges
  • Oven windows are typically smaller
  • Comes only in two basic colors: white and black

2. Mid-ranged Models

These are few bucks more expensive over the standard models but are a great deal if you want more features. These models cost around $650 and more that you can choose accordingly.

  • High-performance burners over the standard versions (up to 9500 BTU)
  • Includes steel grates over the burners that are very easy to clean
  • Digital settings for cooking time and temperature
  • Storage drawers for pans and pots
  • Self-cleaning oven
  • Three color choices available: Black, White, and Stainless Steel
  • A bit pricey over the standard models of gas ranges

3. Premium Gas Ranges

The premium models include both single-oven type (starts at $1000) and double-oven type (starts at $1600) gas ranges with many more advanced features over the standard and mid-range models.

  • High-Performance Burners (up to 17000 BTU)
  • Fifth burner as a bonus
  • The stovetop griddle is removable
  • Electronic control panels
  • Features convection oven
  • Very easy to clean
  • Not affordable for many homes

4. Pro-style Models

These are the costlier versions (around $ 1700) of gas ranges over the above three but in terms of performance, rests at tall. More wider and with large oven capacities, it meets all your cooking needs for large batches.

  • A bonus fifth burner like the premium gas ranges
  • One burner with super hot burning feature up to 20,000 BTU for faster cooking
  • Two convection ovens
  • Heavy-duty roll-out cooking racks
  • Multiple colors and metal options available
  • Best for commercial usage
  • Not ideal for tighter kitchen space

Professional Gas Range Styles

On the basis of style, the professional gas ranges are categorized in three versions:

1. Freestanding Gas Range

Featuring finished sides and feet, these ranges can stand easily on its own, that’s why they are named as Freestanding range. The Freestanding gas range includes a backguard (at the back of the cooking surface) with the oven control and burner control on it. Even having the finished sides, these professional gas ranges offer you the flexibility to easily install anywhere in your kitchen. The best part is that these are the least expensive over the other two.

2. Slide-in Gas Range

The slide-in gas ranges are a bit wider on top that overlaps your kitchen countertop for giving a stylish built-in look. It can easily fit between two cabinets, while the cooking surface rests on the countertop.
Like the freestanding models, it doesn’t have any backguard, though features the burner and oven control on the front, for a neat and clean look.

The only downside is that you need to install them during new construction or remodels as the cabinet and countertop opening must be custom-sized for the range.

3. Front-control Range

Combining the features of both freestanding and slide-in ranges, these are the best of both worlds. Finished sides like a freestanding range, you can keep it easily in your kitchen as it stands on its own. Even you don’t need to modify your kitchen cabinets or countertop. The same as a Slide-in range, it doesn’t have a console, therefore giving a sleeker and stylish look.

Benefits of Professional Gas Range

  • More powerful than normal gas ranges
  • Surface Open Burners upside and oven downside
  • Options of four or more burners give you to cook many items at once
  • High output burners
  • Built-in griddles and grills provide more convenience
  • Looks very stylish
  • Having the built-in oven option, it allows baking too
  • Uses natural gas or propane gas both for more efficient performance
  • No need of electricity for operation
  • Compatible with all cooktop and oven cookware
  • Oven self-cleaning function
  • Dial controls for precise operation
  • Some high-end models are compatible with Wi-Fi that lets you control the range using your phone or tablet
  • Different color options
  • Lower operating cost over the electric ranges

The Smart Features of Professional Gas Ranges

Self Cleaning

Various advanced models include this feature that is actually a heat cycle to clean out or burn up automatically the grease, drippings, or spills inside the oven.

Lots of Rack Positions

It allows you to create more room for placing easily tall or additional items as per the requirement. Most of the professional gas ranges include from three to five rack positions.

Warming Drawers

It keeps the dishes, dinner rolls, or just any food warm food prior to serving.

Double Ovens

The one with dual ovens is a bit pricey but offers you to cook multiple items at different temperatures in a more convenient way.

A High Heat or Power Burner

It allows you to quickly heat up food in larger quantities. The power burner has the cooking power of more than 15000 BTU.

Fifth Burner

Some advanced models also include an additional burner in the middle of the griddle so that you can cook more in one go.


One or more fans circulate heat within the oven cavity for even cooking—Standard in at least one oven.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Various smart pro ranges from the brands like Samsung, GE, LG, etc. are Wi-Fi compatible. It means you can control the various functions of these professional gas ranges from your phone or tablet.

What to look for before Buying a Professional Gas Range?

1. Size

Considering the suitable size option is the primary thing to consider before buying a pro-style range for your home. The professional gas ranges come in variable size options, including 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60-inch, with 30 and 36 inches widely popular for residential uses. Now have a look at different size options suiting your requirements.

24 Inch- Being smaller, these size ranges are great to use for smaller apartments, galley-style kitchens, etc.

30-inch- Though this is the most commonly used size for home, it includes the same burner configuration as 24-inch ranges. But the oven size is comparatively bigger with more advanced features and control options.

36-inch- Comparatively larger over the former ones, it offers more burner options, griddle, and grills.

48-inch- These are great for any bigger kitchen with a lot of advanced features than the previously mentioned size options. It usually includes two ovens, 8 burner options, various steam and speed controls, warming drawers, and much more.

60-inch- The biggest pro-style range, with the second oven comparatively bigger than that of a 48-inch size. It also offers up to ten burner options, which is a great feature.

2. Types of Burner

Open Burner

The open burner has exposed components that ensure the flames are easily visible and exposed to the air well. Due to this exposure, it can provide direct heat to whatever is placed on top of the range. Thus, these burners are proving to be more efficient in cooking. The professional gas ranges with open burners are great for achieving high cooking temperatures for searing and stir-frying. Thus, these are ideal for commercial and restaurant settings.

The only downside they have is the cleaning process. If anything boils over or gets spilled onto the burner, it must be a hassle to clean it out. However, some models also come with a drip tray that you can remove and clean after each use.

Sealed Burner

Like the name, these burners are sealed to the base of the gas range. In fact, the gas ranges with these burners have a seal between the burner and the frame that holds the pots and pans above it. Therefore, it does not expose the flame to the open air, and since the burner components are covered, there are no chances of spills or crumbs to fall on to the flame. Thus, these types of burners make cleaning a piece of cake an ideal choice for residential usage.

3. Cooking Power

The cooking power for gas ranges is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit). The higher the BTU of the burner, the hotter it will get, and thus ensures faster cooking time. The heat output per hour for standard gas ranges varies from around 5,000 BTU to 12,500 BTU. Various low priced models of professional gas ranges include the burners that reach up to the heat level of 10,000 BTU. It is better to opt for a model with a higher BTU rating to ensure more efficient cooking.

4. Low Simmer

Rather than high BTUs, it is also important to consider a burner that is ideal for delicate tasks, like simmering and sauteing without proning to burn. Various models of professional gas ranges have different technologies to achieve a steady and even heat, typically ranging from 350 to 850 BTUs. So, it is very important to check this feature before buying the professional gas range.

5. Number of Burners

The professional gas range with four or five burners is the best option to buy for home use. But you must keep in mind that all the burners of the range come with different output capabilities for all your cooking convenience. For example, a burner with high output is proving to be beneficial for quick heating of food or boiling water. On the other hand, a simmer burner with a low output of energy will be suitable for simmering.

6. Power Burner

A power burner means one high heat burner for the food preparation that requires high power. These burners are best for searing meats and boiling water quickly. Consider at least one power burner in your gas range.

7. Adequate Ventilation

The professional gas ranges work on natural gas or propane having the open flame. So you may experience a lot of fumes, odor, and grease, steam, and smoke while cooking. In such a case, adequate ventilation is very much essential. For this, a proper range hood installation is a must in your kitchen.

But before choosing a range hood, you must consider it well, whether it is matching your range or cooktop requirements or not. The range hoods come in the standard widths of 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60”, that you can choose depending upon the range you have installed in your kitchen.

8. One Oven or Two Ovens

The professional gas ranges come in both the single oven and double oven configurations. You can choose the one depending upon your baking requirements. If you bake occasionally for a smaller group, choosing the professional gas range with a single one would be sufficient.

On the other hand, if you are a baking enthusiast and bake oftenly, choosing the one with a double oven configuration would be a pretty deal. The double oven ranges consist of a smaller oven at the top and a larger oven at the bottom. So, you can bake two different items at different temperatures.

9. Reliability

Choosing the branded one will always ensure reliability and durability. So, you can easily run your professional gas range for a prolonged duration without any wear and tear. The best part is that the branded models also offer good terms of the warranty, so in case if any mechanical defects occur, it protects you in the event of any issues.

10. Price

The price of the professional gas ranges depends upon its size and style.

  • The basic 24-inch pro-style gas ranges will cost around $400 and above.
  • The 30-inch freestanding gas ranges will be anywhere from $599 to $1299, depending upon the features present.
  • Talking about the slide-in and front-control ranges, these are priced at $1099 to $4599 again on the basis of features available.

You can choose the best one suiting your budget requirements as well as the size available in your kitchen for installation.

11. Ease of Use

Better to go for the range with easy controls, no matter whether it is knob or touch controls. Moreover, automatic on-off controls, Wi-Fi controls are some more advanced features that you can’t ignore for making your cooking experience more pleasurable.

12. Safety

When buying the professional gas ranges for residential use, considering safety features is utmost important. Some high-tech gas ranges have built-in safety features available like auto-reignite, pilot lights, etc.

To ensure your kids’ safety, you may also look for the ranges with lockout features so that your kids can’t access them.

Final Thought

Choosing the best professional gas ranges is really a tedious task and requires a lot of consideration. Hope the buying guide and reviews of the best models of professional gas ranges we have provided in the blog will make your buying decision easier.

The list we have made are all smart and equipped with the best features, therefore surely be a great addition to your modern kitchen. Even more, all these are from the strong brands assuring quality and durability both. So, choose the best according to your preferences, needs, and budget.

Stay tuned with our other blogs, too, and don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts in the below comment section.