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7 Best Over The Range Microwave Oven 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you have a tiny kitchen in your home? Don’t have enough counter space to place a microwave oven in your kitchen? Or, Do you want a clutter-free organization on your kitchen countertop? If yes, then buying an Over The Range Microwave is the best solution.

Over The Range Microwave Ovens are now becoming very popular among its various variants because of its space-saving placement in the kitchen. And of course, it does all the jobs like the regular microwave ovens.

We all know that the invention of the microwave oven has brought us a revolutionary way of cooking. It lets you cook delicious and mouth-watering recipes quickly and easily. You can bake your favorite cakes and cookies, make continental food items along with grilling and reheating options from the comfort of your home. You can say, this useful kitchen gadget is your perfect kitchen mate.

So, let’s get into the detailed description of its beautiful version, “Over The Range Microwave.”

What is an Over The Range Microwave Oven?

Over The Range Microwave Oven is also known as Over The Counter Oven, Above The Range Microwave, or Above Counter Microwave.

These microwaves are designed to place above the countertop, in fact, above the stove. This positioning saves a lot of space on your kitchen counter and makes your kitchen mess-free and clutter-free.

Different versions of microwaves come in a specific design. Some microwave ovens come in a design that can easily move from one place to another, and some have a design that requires permanent installation. But, both offer the same features for cooking, reheating leftovers, grilling, or baking, etc. So, how is an over the range microwave oven different with them?

It actually saves not only the countertop space but also has an added benefit of working as a vent hood for your stove. These come with built-in exhaust fans that work like a stove-top ventilation system. Thus, it removes smoke, steam, and cooking odors. Though, the vent is not as good as that you find in range hoods.

The other biggest benefit is that it frees up more space on your kitchen counter for easy positioning of other appliances like a toaster, ice-cream maker, mixer grinder, or even a spice rack.

Get in-depth details on Over The Range Microwave by skipping to our Comprehensive Buying Guide.

List of Best Over The Range Microwave Oven

Choosing the best OTR microwave oven for your kitchen requires a lot of consideration. With our compilation of latest and the best over the range microwave oven, along with their unbiased reviews, will surely make your purchase best. But before going to the review of all our best-picked models, just get right into the list below.

PreviewBrand & ModelCapacityPower
Read Review
1.6 cu.ft.950 WBuy on Amazon
LG 2-cu ftLG-LMV2031BD-cr
Read Review
2.0 cu.ft.1200 WBuy on Amazon
Frigidaire FGMV176NTFFrigidaire-FGMV176NTF
Read Review
1.7 cu.ft.1000 WBuy on Amazon
Samsung ME16K3000ASSamsung-ME16K3000AS
Read Review
1.6 cu.ft.1000 WBuy on Amazon
Whirlpool WML55011HWWhirlpool-WML55011HW
Read Review
1.1 cu.ft.1000 WBuy on Amazon
Sharp R1874TSharp-R1874T
Read Review
1.1 cu.ft.850 WBuy on Amazon
Magic ChefMagic Chef- MCO160UW
Read Review
1.6 cu.ft.1000 WBuy on Amazon

Best Over The Range Microwave Reviews

Now, it’s time to dive into the detailed review of our handpicked list to know every single detail on it with all their pros and cons. So, you can find your choice well.

1. GE JNM3163DJBB Over-the-Range Microwave

GE JNM3163DJBB Over The Range Microwave

The GE Profile series comes with a range of your dream kitchen appliances suiting your lifestyle, though making your kitchen tasks easier and simpler. So, bring innovation and style by installing this Over The Range Microwave Oven from GE. With a timeless appearance and a range of innovative features, this must be a great addition to your kitchen.

Its 950 W cooking power is the most appreciable feature that you would expect from any good microwave. This power output saves a lot of cooking time. Featuring ten different power levels, it offers full flexibility over the cooking temperature settings. Also, the add 30 seconds button lets you add 30 seconds to your cooking time with one-touch while cooking is going on.

You will never feel a lack of cooking space with its 1.6 cu. ft. interior cooking capacity. It can easily fit large dishes or casseroles to cook more and more. Moreover, the inclusion of electronic touch display augmented by clearly readable LED and the convenience cooking control makes the operation fairly very easy.

Talking about the venting mechanism, it comes with a 300 CFM exhaust fan with two-speed settings. Thus, it improves the kitchen air quality by removing smoke, steam, and odor while working on the stovetop.

The microwave includes an appropriately bright incandescent bulb for complete illumination inside. Also, there is the inclusion of lights underneath the microwave. It works as cooktop lighting to provide illumination above the range with an optional nightlight setting.

Another distinguishable feature of this over the range microwave includes turntable on/off function for even cooking results as well as accommodating oversized dishes that may not fully rotate. Even more, Express Cooking can accelerate the cooking process if you are in a hurry.

Key Features

  • Capacity 1.6 cu.ft.
  • Power 950 W
  • Convenient cooking control for easy and quick operation
  • LED display
  • Programmed defrosting times and power levels
  • 10 different cooking levels
  • 300 CFM Venting system with two-speed options to choose the right amount of ventilation
  • Replaceable charcoal filter to take grease and other impurities out of the air
  • Add 30 Seconds button
  • One-touch Express cooking
  • Turntable On/Off feature
  • Timer On/Off
  • Surface light
  • One year limited warranty on the product
  • Aesthetic finish that gives a high-end look to your kitchen
  • Stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and durable
  • Well distinguished control panel with LED
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect size
  • Works good
  • A bit louder operation
  • Lacks convection cooking

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2. LG 2-cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave

LG Over The Range Microwave

This above range microwave from the most trusted brand LG is a great buy if you need ample cooking space. The black stainless steel finish gives flawlessly a new style to any modern kitchen. Plus, the satin-finish, smudge-resistant, and sophisticated design add a glamorous touch, no matter the style or color of your kitchen.

When it comes to the ventilation system of this microwave, it comes with a 4-speed 400 CFM apparatus to clean out the steam and kitchen odor. What is more exciting is its QuietPower vent, which does its job quietly, without any annoyance.

Featuring 1200 W of power, this over the range microwave uses a sensor system to cook, defrost, melt, and reheat, etc. at the desired power levels. The feature automatically adjusts the cooking times and power levels based on the humidity inside the cavity. Its large 16-inch ceramic turntable lets you put the large dishes and dinner plates for even reheating.

The other decent feature you will find here is it’s easy to use control panel. It is placed on the right side of the ergonomically designed door handle for all your convenience. Various cooking modes include sensor cooking, defrost, soften/melt, kids meal, custom cook, etc. all are there, adding more convenience to cooking. The unit also comes with the two-level rack that increases the usable cooking space inside the microwave.

The cavity includes an incandescent bulb to illuminate the inside of the microwave for better visibility while cooking. It also comes with the work surface lights that ensure adequate counter illumination while working on the stovetop.

Key Features

  • Capacity 2.0 cu.ft.
  • Power 1200 W
  • Glass Touch controls
  • Finger-print resistant black stainless steel finish
  • 16-inch diameter turntable with on/off option
  • Easy Clean Interior for perfect cleaning inside and outside
  • TrueCook Plus Technology
  • Sensor cooking
  • Quiet Power ventilation system
  • 3 Power levels
  • 12-digit VFD scrolling display panel with clock and kitchen timer
  • Custom set key to select the sound, scroll speed and units
  • Removable charcoal filter
  • Looks classy and stylish
  • Cleaning is super easy
  • Great performance
  • Quiet ventilation system
  • Large cooking cavity
  • Tinted window limits the interior visibility

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3. Frigidaire FGMV176NTF 30″ Gallery Series Above Range Microwave

Frigidaire FGMV176NTF Over The Range Microwave

This one is another decent option for your kitchen. The frigidaire FGMV176NTF gallery series comes in a stylish and sophisticated design that matches perfectly every kitchen. The stainless steel construction of this microwave ensures sturdiness and durability. Moreover, the black stainless steel with a scratch-resistant finish at the exterior looks spotless. The firm door handle at the side of the microwave’s door adds to the design element.

This sleek microwave features 1.7cu.ft. inner cooking capacity along with an extra large 13-½ inch diameter glass turntable that can fit big bowls and large casseroles easily. The best part is that its SpaceWise Rack creates more room so you can cook two dishes at the same time.

Get your food ready in no time with its 1000 W power with perfect and even cooking results. There are over thirty cooking options, so you can make anything easily. Even if you feel these cooking options are still too much effort, its sensor cook option will further ease your task. The option makes the microwave to automatically adjust the power levels and cooking times based on the food.

The microwave also doubles as a vent hood to keep the air clean in your kitchen. The venting mechanism includes a 300 CFM exhaust fan that pulls out smoke, odor, and grease from the kitchen. If venting is not an option, this over the range microwave also allows for recirculating air in the kitchen.

The interior LED lighting on the microwave allows clear visibility inside, to watch your food while cooking is going on. Moreover, the inclusion of cooktop LED light ensures the illumination over your favorite dishes that you are preparing on the cooktop below. The best feature of this microwave is its easy-clean functionality. Its effortless clean interior surface allows easy cleaning of grease, food, or oil by simply wiping it.

Key Features

  • Capacity 1.7 cu.ft.
  • Power 1000 W
  • Extra-Large 13-1/2″ Diameter Glass Turntable
  • Turntable on/off
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel finish
  • 30 various cooking options
  • Effortless reheating function
  • Space-wise rack to cook two dishes at the same time
  • Sensor cooking
  • Quick start
  • One-touch button controls
  • 300 CFM exhaust fan
  • PureAir Microwave Filter
  • Interior LED lighting for better visibility inside
  • LED cooktop lighting
  • Effortless clean interior
  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Easy installation
  • Good value for a reliable brand
  • Fingerprint resistant finish ensures easy cleaning and looks good too
  • Works very well
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Lacks add 30-sec option
  • No convection setting

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4. Samsung ME16K3000AS Over-The-Range Microwave

Samsung ME16K3000AS Over The Range Microwave

Enhance your cooking experience by bringing this above counter oven from Samsung. The model combines elegance, quality, and performance and gives you the best cooking results. Again, the stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and durable and looks good too.

Featuring 1.6 cu.ft. inner capacity, the microwave offers enough room to cook a variety of dishes with space no constraint for you. Even with 1000 W of power, it speeds up the cooking process with perfect and even cooking of dishes.

Like other over the range microwave models we have discussed, it also comes with sensor cooking option. Whether to defrost frozen meals, or reheat the leftovers, or anything else, the feature ensures optimal adjustment in the cooking power and time. Thus, it allows for the perfect cooking of meals.

A range of preset cooking menus are also available that takes away the guesswork of cooking. And so, you can make easily and perfectly from green beans to brown rice, boneless chicken to salmon fillets, etc. in just one smart touch.

The best we like about this over the range microwave is Eco Mode. It turns off the display when not in use and thus saves energy. There is also the option of disabling the turntable. It allows you to utilize the entire interior space for easy accommodation of larger square-shaped dishes.

The venting mechanism of this microwave comes with a 300 CFM exhaust fan with two-speed settings. It ensures to remove out all the smoke, steam, grease, and smell from your kitchen and make your kitchen clean and fresh.

The inclusion of an ice blue LED display adds an extra touch of elegance to your kitchen. Plus, the displays settings and times in large, as well as highly visible text, enhance the convenience.
There is also an LED light at the bottom of the microwave that illuminates the cooktop cooking as well.

Key Features

  • Capacity 1.6 cu.ft.
  • Power 1000 W
  • 10 Power levels
  • 300 CFM ventilation system with two-speed settings
  • LED display
  • Preset cook mode for convenient cooking
  • Eco mode to conserve energy
  • Electronic touch control
  • Auto defrost
  • Turntable On/Off
  • Looks great
  • Well performing microwave
  • Bright LED display ensures clarity
  • Control panel and range light is too good
  • Many complaints of the weak door handle

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5. Whirlpool WML55011HW Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination

Whirlpool WML55011HW Over The Range Microwave

Want to save more space in your kitchen? This small over the range microwave oven with low profile design leaves plenty of space above your range and looks very stylish complementing every kitchen decor. Packed with a ton of awesome features, this above counter oven from Whirlpool is surely one of the best in our list.

If you think that its 1.1 cu.ft. interior capacity will not let you cook more; you are absolutely wrong. It can easily house most dinner plates, big bowls, and tall glasses. Now, when it comes to cooking performance, the microwave is powerful enough to cook a variety of meals with an ample power output of 1000 watts.

The model also keeps your kitchen clean and filled with fresh air using its 400 CFM venting system. It ensures high-class performance to quickly get rid of smoke, odor, and moisture from your kitchen.

There are also specific preset options that offer the right amount of heat and time to cook perfectly. The microwave even offers you the flexibility to set the microwave timer to 30 seconds or add it to already in-progress cooking time in just one smart touch. You can also have the option to choose whether the turntable rotates or not. It allows the microwave to accommodate a wide range of dish sizes.

Cleaning the interior and exterior of this oven is super easy that can be easily done using a simple wipe. The very best part is that its turntable is also dishwasher safe that adds more convenience in cleaning. The bottom includes two bright worktop halogen lights that better illuminate the work surface while cooking on the stovetop.

Key Features

  • Capacity 1.1 cu.ft.
  • Power 1000 W
  • Low profile design
  • 400 CFM Venting system
  • 90-degree hinge door
  • Concealed touch controls
  • Various preset options
  • 10 power levels
  • Turntable On/Off option
  • Dishwasher safe turntable
  • Add 30 seconds button
  • Tap to open door
  • Interior LED light
  • Two halogen lights at the bottom for cooktop illumination
  • Quality of the microwave is outstanding
  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • The low profile design adds more space to your kitchen
  • Great in terms of performance
  • No sensor cooking option

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6. Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Sharp R1874T Over The Range Microwave

If you want the combination of convection cooking in your microwave, the Sharp R1874T is the best bet. This model of over the range microwave combines innovation, quality, value, and design all in one. It is the best choice for a small kitchen as well as the home with a small family. Available in an easy-fitting design, it offers enough room and simple installation.

However, its interior cooking capacity of 1.1 cubic feet is definitely very small, though it is still big enough to place a 13-inch ceramic turntable easily. So, it can easily accommodate a 13×9 inch pan, as well as most of the foods to cook inside it.

You will surely love its stainless steel construction. The interior is illuminated adequately for better visibility. Moreover, the interactive color display with custom help keys ensure easy-to-follow cooking and programming instructions. So, you can only cook with precision and accuracy.

In terms of cooking versatility, this convection microwave oven is really best. Here, you will find eleven microwave power settings, ten microwave pre-sets, and twelve convection programs for all your convenience. Over there, a four-way convection system allows you to bake, broil, brown, and crisp with ease.

Another great feature is its sensor settings that automatically determines the cooking/reheating times and selects the proper power levels accordingly. At the bottom of the microwave, there come cooktop lights with two brightness settings.

The model doubles up as a range hood with its built-in exhaust system. It allows you three venting options, including horizontal, vertical, and ductless recirculation. The venting mechanism includes 240 CFM fan that you can set either for recirculating air in your kitchen or for venting the grease, smoke, and odor outside.

Key Features

  • Capacity 1.1 cu.ft.
  • Power 850 W
  • 13-inch ceramic turntable for even cooking
  • Turntable On/Off option
  • Four-way convection system to bake, broil, brown, and crisp
  • Built-in exhaust system comes with hood light and fan
  • Easy to read: seven-digit, two-color interactive display
  • 25 automatic settings
  • 12 Convection programs: CompuBroil-4; CompuRoast-4; and CompuBake-4
  • Smart and easy sensor settings that automatically determine times and power levels
  • High rack for 2-level baking and low rack for baking, roasting, or broiling
  • High/Low work light and 2-speed ventilation fan
  • 10-year warranty on major components
  • Classy design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Very reliable model
  • Easy to use
  • Combination of microwave and convection cooking is too awesome
  • Versatile cooking
  • Functions very well
  • Not ideal for cooking in large quantities because of less cooking capacity

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7. Magic Chef Over The Range Microwave

Magic Chef Over The Range Microwave

Something affordable and a lot of fantastic features is all this above range microwave oven from Magic Chef boasts about. Lovely and adorable white-colored microwave fits perfectly between the cabinets and is easy to adapt to the existing vent system. So, if you are in search of a budget model, this one is a great buy for your kitchen.

With the capacity of 1.6 cu.ft., it offers enough cooking space and can easily fit dinner plates and small casseroles. Furthermore, the 12 inch recessed glass turntable ensures that foods are cooked evenly.

The microwave features 1000 W of cooking power that is pretty a decent power for cooking a variety of dishes with perfectness in less time. There are ten cooking levels, also for all your ease and convenience in cooking. Even more, the six pre-programmed auto cook menus ensure more flexibility in cooking and speeds up the cooking process taking away the guesswork. So, you can make the perfect dish every time.

The ventilation system of this over the range microwave oven includes 200 CFM fan with two-speed settings that can remove smoke, grease, and odor from the kitchen. The charcoal filter included with it is easily replaceable.

The model also features a digital timer that allows you to cook food at the set timer. Like other over the range microwave, this one also includes a hood light that provides illumination above your range while cooking.

Key Features

  • Capacity1.6 cu.ft.
  • Power 1000 W
  • 10 power levels for broiling, reheating and defrosting
  • 6 pre-programmed auto cook menus
  • 12 inch recessed glass turntable
  • Auto defrost automatically sets the appropriate power level
  • Speed cook technology to cook food faster
  • 200 CFM venting function with two-speed options
  • Replaceable charcoal filter
  • Hood light provides illumination above the cooktop
  • Decent white color looks cool
  • Well fit to the cabinets
  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • The exhaust fan is very powerful with low and high settings
  • Affordable
  • Little loud on the high settings

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Best Over The Range Microwave Buyers Guide

Pros and Cons of Over The Range Microwaves

  • True space savers
  • With incorporated fans, it can evacuate smoke, steam, and odor from your kitchen
  • Due to upper positioning, it might be harder for your kids to assess them, thus enhancing their safety
  • Adjustable rack option to offer bi-level cooking at the same time. It means you can cook two recipes at the same time
  • The fingerprint-resistant finish allows easy cleaning of it. Even the non-stick interiors clean up the splatters and spills in just a wipe
  • Higher price tag
  • Not portable
  • It is harder to keep an eye on the food you are preparing on it

Considerations Before Buying an Over The Range Microwave Oven


These microwaves come having the dimension like the standard sized ovens. However, you can find a range of models from smaller to the larger size options. The smaller one can fit over the 24-inch size range while the largest one can fit a 30-inch range. When it comes to height, most of the models belong to the height of around 16 inches.

You can choose the dimension according to your convenience. If you feel, getting that (operating the oven) )is difficult, you may choose the low profile over the range microwave that comes in a compact footprint. And it might be easy for you to operate.


Choosing the right capacity depends on many factors. First, you must analyze the space of installation so that an OTR microwave gets easily fit there. If you have an ample of space, then definitely go for a bigger OTR, else if tight on space, choose for a smaller one.

The average size available for an Over The Range Microwave ranges from 1.5 to 2.0 cubic feet. You can choose the size depending upon the space of the installation. It is better to go with the bigger sized one as it allows plenty of space for cooking. However, considering height is typically also very important if you are choosing the one with convection features. It gives you the flexibility of cooking two recipes at the same time using two racks.

Even Low Profile Over The Range Microwaves is also available that can easily fit in the short space.


For any electrical appliance, power plays a very important role. For any microwave, power is expressed in terms of wattage. The higher the wattage, the quicker is the cooking efficiency of the microwave. However, the OTR microwave with higher wattage will cost you more, but it offers faster cooking. We recommend you to go for at least 1000 W in an Over The Range Microwave.


What type of feature you need in an OTR microwave. Make a checklist of some important features like convection feature, microwave heating, its capabilities, size of the turntable, delay start, or multi-level cooking, and much more. First, assess your needs and then decide upon the feature you want in the microwave.

Safety Feature

Child safety lock is also an important feature to look for if you’re concerned about your child’s safety. It ensures that your child will not be able to open the microwave in your absence. Still, the above placement of these microwaves ensure that your kids could not climb the counter to reach it. This is the biggest plus in terms of safety.

Venting System

Microwave cooking and stovetop cooking both creates a lot of grease and smell. So, the vent hood feature in an Over The Range Microwave Oven here proves to be very useful.

The OTR microwaves integrate either fully-vented or ductless systems. The fully vented system forces the air outside via the available ducts. And the ductless system forcefully pulls the air via the charcoal filter and then circulates it back to the kitchen.

The best Over The Range Microwaves come with both interior and exterior venting capabilities. The venting capacity is measured in Cubic Feet Per Meter (CFM). So, you must choose the one that comes with the venting capacity of at least 300 CFM. It would be a powerful enough alternative to a range hood.


The automatic setting feature in an Over The Range Microwave ensures convenience and hassle-free cooking experience. Some pre-programmed settings like soften, defrost button, preset cooking menus, etc. are extremely useful to cook various meals in just one smart touch. Thus, it takes the guesswork of cooking and ensures that the food is neither undercooked or overcooked.

Some also come with sensor settings that detect the steam emitted from the food and then automatically adjust the cooking time, power, and temperature accordingly.

Control Panel

If space is a constraint for you, it is best to go with the one having the control panel at the bottom of the microwave rather than the side. Some smart models also come having the control panel hidden behind the doors, giving a sleeker look to the microwave. The choice is definitely yours.

Final Thought

Give your kitchen a neat and streamlined look by installing an over the range microwave oven in your kitchen. We have covered all the necessary details on this specific microwave type, so you don’t feel hard in choosing the right one. Also, we have listed some of the top models from Amazon, along with their detailed reviews that will surely make your cooking simpler and easier without worrying about messy kitchen counters.

Stay connected with our other blogs too, and don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions so that we can make it better.